AirPlay Service

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Please ensure that DNS is enabled on the network/access point/wireless controller.

Network Information

  • Ports:
- TCP 51040, 51030, 51020 & 51010
- UDP 5353 (mDNS to broadcast Airplay)
  • How to vertify if Airplay is broadcasting:
  1. Ensure that your iOS device and ViewBoard® are connected to the same subnet network.
  2. Open Control Center and touch Airplay Mirroring on an iOS device, e.g. iPhone/iPad.
  3. You should see a device prefixed with "Cast-xxxx".
  4. If "Cast-xxxx" is showing then this confirms that the vCastReceiver is broadcasting Airplay services.
  5. Click on the broadcasted "Cast-xxxx" device to mirror your iOS device to ViewBoard®.

Airplay Service