Launching ViewBoard Cast

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Follow the link provided on the monitor.

  1. Connect to the Network (i.e. http://your company URL here).
  2. Download the application.
  3. Launch vCast and select "Cast-XXXX" to connect by entering the six digit connection PIN code.

Starting ViewBoard® Cast on a client device

  1. Start a ViewBoard® Cast by searching for the vCastSender application. Install the app by connecting to the same ViewBoard® Cast network.
    Starting: Step 1: Connect to Network
  2. PC client devices (Windows/Mac/Chrome) will try to contact the server; phone/tablet devices (Android/iOS) use the QR code to scan and download the app directly from the server or from Google Play Store for Android devices, Apple Store for iOS devices, and Chrome Web Store for Chromebook devices.
    Starting: Step 2: Download Application
  3. Once the client device has installed vCastSender the app can be launched.
  4. Click “Cast-XXXX” to connect to ViewBoard® Cast and enter the 6 digit pin code to wirelessly display content on ViewBoard® Cast or display.
    Starting: Step 3: Launch vCast

Network Information

  • ViewBoard® Cast software, laptops, and mobile devices can connect to both the same subnet and across the subnet network.
  • Connected devices will show up under “Device List” on the same subnet connection.
  • If the device does not show up under “Device List”, users will need to key-in the on-screen PIN-code at the bottom of “Connect with PIN-Code”.

Casting to ViewBoard® with AirPlay

Apple AirPlay is compatible with ViewBoard® Cast for screen mirroring and content streaming under the same subnet environment only. If you are in a cross subnet environment please use vCastSender iOS. Another “AirPlay Password” will be generated on screen for connection when using AirPlay to cast to ViewBoard®.

Casting with AirPlay

ViewBoard® Cast Setting

ViewBoard® Cast allows you to make advanced Cast Settings by clicking the Settings icon located in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Cast Setting
Item Description
Device Name Allows users to set their preferred device name so it is easy to identify.
Connect Code Click the refresh icon to generate a new random code.
PIN Code Visible Toggle between showing the ViewBoard® Cast connection PIN code in the upper right side of the windows screen for easy log-in or hide it.
Auto Start ViewBoard® Cast will start automatically when you start your Windows PC.
Touch & Annotate From Mobile Enable/disable the touch and annotate functions for mobile devices for easier screen management.
Chromecast Enable For Android only. Allows the use of native Chrome Browser cast feature on the same subnet network.
Multi-Screen Multiple users can wireless present to ViewBoard® Cast simultaneously.

The Android version only supports laptop OS (Windows/Mac/Chrome) on limited ViewBoard models.


  1. Current presenter can touch each split ViewBoard® screen to remotely control cast devices.
  2. The number of multi-screen presenters on screen depends on your Windows CPU processor performance and router specs.
  3. ViewBoard Cast for Android, enabling "Chromecast" does not support "password protection" nor "multiple-screen casting".
  4. Chromecast sharing is only available on the same subnet network environment.

ViewBoard® Cast Activation

When using a trial version of ViewBoard® Cast software, a window indicating the number of days left in your trial will be displayed. To continue using the software after the trial period you must activate the software. Please contact ViewSonic to purchase a license activation key.

Cast Activation