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ViewBoard® Cast software is designed for wireless presentations and wireless collaboration. Working with ViewBoard® Cast software and the vCastSender app allows you to stream live recordings and annotate as well as share your screen, photos, videos, annotations, documents and camera directly onto ViewSonic® ViewBoard® Interactive Flat Panels and other mobile devices.

Presenters can control displayed content from a phone, tablet, or laptop while Android and iOS device users are able to use vCastSender’s specialized annotation toolbar and control ViewBoard® remotely. Whether in class or in a meeting, vCastSender makes teaching and group discussion quick and easy. The specialized moderation feature allows a moderator to take control of meetings or classrooms.

Wireless screen sharing and collaboration in three easy steps:

  1. Connect with ViewBoard® Cast.
  2. Download vCastSender app.
  3. Open vCastSender to share content.
ViewBoard Cast

ViewBoard® Cast has the following features:

Item Description
Wireless Display Users can connect to the same network or cross subnetwork environments and display their personal screen to ViewBoard® or display.
Multiple, Split Screen Display Multiple users can connect and display concurrently to the ViewBoard® or display.
Touch Feedback Current Presenter can use touch control on ViewBoard®’s screen to remotely control casting devices.
Remote View Android/iOS users can view the screen of the current Presenter on ViewBoard® or display.
Annotation and Collaboration When viewing a presentation, users can annotate on the Presenter’s display via Android/iOS pen tools.
Moderator Mode The moderator has full control of a presentation session and can assign other participants to be the Presenter or Viewer.

NOTE: The touch feedback function is limited when using Chrome.

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