ViewBoard Cast FAQ

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vCastSender for Android Client

  • Why is there no audio sharing from vCastSender for Android while screen-mirroring to ViewBoard?
This is due to a privacy policy by Google – Android phone/tablet. Google only allows apps that are pre-installed on your phone/tablet to capture audio, and prevents third-party apps from recording audio in order to avoid user privacy invasion. Therefore, third-party apps cannot access the phone/tablet for audio output.
  • Why is there latency sometimes?
Please check the network being used.
2.4GHz Wi-Fi is very susceptible to interference from surrounding electronic devices, resulting in network instability and a poor screen playback experience. For an optimal user experience, 5GHz Wi-Fi band is highly recommended.

vCastSender for iOS Client

  • How to use "Mirroring"?
  1. Connect your phone to the same network as the ViewBoard.
  2. Open the control center.
  3. Click “AirPlay” and select the ViewBoard device name for wireless display.
  • Why is full-screen casting unavailable for iPad?
ViewBoard has an aspect ratio of 16:9, but the iPad's aspect ratio is different. Therefore, when the iPad is displayed in proportion to the ViewBoard, black frames will appear on both sides.

vCastSender for Windows Client

  • Why is there no audio output from a Windows PC?
  1. Please ensure “Audio” is checked in the client interface. If not, there will be no audio output.
  2. Please ensure the ViewBoard is not muted.

vCastSender for Mac

  • Why should I install vCast Audio on Mac OS?
Based on Mac OS’s limitation, third-party applications need to install additional system software to get audio output.
If you do not need to output computer audio to the ViewBoard, you do not need to install vCast Audio.
  • Why should I select "vCast" via: Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility?
In Mac OS Mojave or higher, software has to have accessibility permission if it needs to simulate touch control.
If you do not need touch control from ViewBoard to Macbook, you do not need to select “vCastSender app” in accessibility permission.
  • How do I get the audio to work through vCastSender to the panel from a Mac?
When using vCastSender for ViewBoard casting for the first time, the Mac system will have a pop-up prompt to ask for audio authorization for "vCastSender". If the user does not agree, then there will be no sound when casting.
To manually allow access, go to:
  1. System Preferences > Security & Privacy
  2. Select Privacy panel.
  3. Ensure that "vCastSender" is checked under Microphone
NOTE: Ensure both the Mac and ViewBoard are not muted and their volume is turned on.

vCastSender for Chrome

  • Why is touch control for the Chromebook via the ViewBoard not available?
This is due to a limitation with Chrome OS.
  • Why do I have to mute the audio manually in Chrome?
This is due to a limitation with Chrome OS.


  • Why can't I use iPhone/iPad AirPlay to mirror to the ViewBoard screen?
Apple AirPlay can only support the same Wi-Fi network, and if you cannot see the device name, (Cast-XXXX), you are on a separate Wi-Fi subnet network.
  • Can I use AirPlay to mirror to a ViewBoard screen on a cross subnet?
Yes, please:
  1. use vCastSender iOS and key-in the on-screen connecting PIN code.
  2. Then, on the iOS device, open the Control Center and touch AirPlay Mirroring.
  3. You should see a device prefixed with “Cast-XXXX”, select it.
  4. Enter the “AirPlay Password” to mirror your iOS device to your ViewBoard.


  • Why does Chromecast frequently disconnect?
Google Chromecast requires high network stability.
It is recommended to connect Chromecast with WPA2-PSK encrypted 5GHz 802.11n.
  • Why might there be latency when Chromecast is casting?
Google Chromecast requires a bandwidth rate of 4 Mbps, per user in typical usage. Latency will be less than 100ms when pinging Google’s public DNS server at
For HD video streaming, greater than 5 Mbps is required.
Poor bandwidth can also cause latency problems.


  • Why is file sharing from mobile not available when multiple-screen mode is enabled?
Currently, Mobile devices (Android/iOS) in multiple-screen mode can only support screen-mirroring.
  • Why is multiple-screen mode not available on Chromecast?
This is due to a limitation with native Chromecast at present.


  • All vCastSenders are suddenly blocked, and cannot cast to vCastReceiver/AirPlay.
vCastReceiver and AirPlay support silent upgrade installation, if a new version was silently upgraded it may have blocked the casting function.
Please reboot the ViewBoard or manually click the "AirPlay" program to launch, then the casting function can be restored.
  • How can I improve the casting experience?
It is recommended to use a dual-band router and have the ViewBoard connected via an Ethernet cable, and all client devices on a 5GHz Wi-Fi band.
  • Why can't I find the device name (Cast-XXXX) of ViewBoard Cast on the client list?
ViewBoard Cast software, laptops, and mobile devices can connect to both the same subnet and across the subnet network.
  1. Connected ViewBoard devices will show up under “Device List” on the same subnet connection only.
  2. Check if the network access restriction is set on the router (such as disabling broadcast ports, etc.);
  3. Try to replace the router or connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot again.
  4. In an across-network environment, the device name (Cast-XXXX) will not show up under “Device List”. The user will need to key-in the on-screen PIN-code for connection.
  • Why can't ViewBoard control mobile devices?
In order to ensure the security of user information, mobile phones do not allow any third-party application to control it. Therefore, when using the mobile phone's vCastSender mirroring feature, controlling the mobile phone from ViewBoard is not available.
  • Why can't ViewBoard control the laptop?
Some anti-virus software may block the touch control function. Please check if anti-virus software is installed on your laptop. If so, please disable the anti-virus software.
  • What is the minimum Wi-Fi signal strength for a reliable ViewBoard Cast network?
In order to have reliable network signal strength to experience ViewBoard Cast optimally, we suggest the minimum Wi-Fi signal strength for reliable packet delivery to not be lower than -60dBm.