ViewBoard Cast User Features

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This section describes the ViewBoard® Cast – vCastSender application features you can use while connected to ViewBoard® Cast or a display.

Connecting to a ViewBoard® or display from PC

Once connected, the vCastSender app for Windows, Mac and Chrome you can wirelessly share your screen and use ViewBoard® touch to control your PC remotely.

Connecting to a ViewBoard® or display

Once connected, the ViewBoard® or display selection screen will appear on your phone.

ViewBoard® Display
Phone Display
Icon Item Description
Toggle Click to hide or display the tool bar
Home Go to the Windows home page
Return Return to the previous operation interface
Folder View or open mobile device files including images, music, video and documents
Share Share your screen onto the connected ViewBoard® or display
Touch Touch to remotely control ViewBoard® or display
Annotation Annotation is used to quickly highlight and point out specific items or sections on a displayed screen.

You can switch between pen colors by selecting your preferred color.

Clear Click to clear everything on the screen
Camera Can be used to send camera images to ViewBoard® or display

Moderator Mode for PC users (Windows only)

Click the Moderator icon on screen to enter ViewBoard® Cast Moderator mode, the Moderator feature allows the Moderator to take control of meetings or a classroom.

Moderator Mode


  1. Moderator mode is only supported on Windows/Mac/Chrome devices only.
  2. When you cast your Windows/Mac/Chrome screen to ViewBoard® full screen will not be broadcasted back to your device in order to avoid recycled screen casting.
  3. Chrome OS is limited to only “preview” function and cast sound out.
  • Moderator: The moderator has full control of meetings or classrooms and can preview images and screens shared to ViewBoard® by a presenter.
  • Broadcast and annotate: Moderators can broadcast screen content to participants on Windows/Mac/Chrome devices and do annotation.
  • Presenter: Presenters can present, view, and annotate (mobile devices only).
  • Viewer: After the moderator has enabled the broadcast function all participants will be able to view the meeting or classroom content being displayed.
Moderator Mode
Moderator Mode